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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ramakrishna Darmatheja DharbhaRamakrishna Darmatheja Dharbha
A fantastic and friendly individual!
I have been driving for around 18 years back in India and wanted to a UK driving License. I contacted Aidan and right from the first day noticed he was very calm, composed and very good at understanding what you want to achieve and has the art of tailoring the driving lessons as per your need and driving capabilities. Its been a fantastic journey to get the lessons and I was always guided carefully with a targeted approach to make me a better driver which enabled me pass the test with ease. I would recommend Aidan as an instructor for all who wish to become good and safe road users and in the process pass the test. Finally, you are a fantastic and friendly individual and I am proud to have you as my instructor. Thanks Aidan.

Hassan AhmedHassan Ahmed
5 star instructor
Aidan was an excellent instructor. He was better than my previous instructors and was very good at teaching. I found it easier to learn from him. Couldn't have passed without him. 5 star instructor.